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We have researched the answers to many of the common questions asked by pregnant women and their families. Below you will find the results. Each question is followed by one or more links to a credible site where you will find the answer.
Please feel free to send us your questions and we will do our best to find the answers:

Having a healthy pregnancy

How Your Baby Grows in the Uterus

  • I want to see how my baby grows each month, where can I find this information?
    Click this link

Some Discomforts of Pregnancy

Some Terms You Might Hear During Your Pregnancy

  • What are some terms that I might hear during my pregnancy and what do they mean?
    Click this link

Preterm Labour

Labour & Delivery

Delivering at Bridgewater - SSRH

Delivering at the IWK

What should I pack for the hospital?

Planning for Infant Feeding

Getting Ready for Baby

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