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The South Shore Family Resource Association (SSFRA) provides free programming to families with children prenatal to eighteen + in Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne and Digby Counties.

Programs vary from site-to-site. Programming is delivered through four Family Resource Centres and numerous outreach sites, which are located throughout the South Shore and Digby County of Nova Scotia.

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South Shore Family Resource Association Mission Statement

The South Shore Family Resource Association (SSFRA) is dedicated to work together with families to promote the well-being of children through partnerships, programs and resources.

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Crafts & Chat

Crafts & Chat

Core Elements

  • Supportive Environments - Projects must provide environments where people feel valued, respected and safe can contribute to learning, empowerment and mutual benefit.
  • Participation and Involvement - People develop or enhance their confidence to participate, become involved and contribute in whatever ways that are comfortable and of mutual benefit.
  • Capacity Building - People's capacities for learning, mutual support and action a can be further developed and enhanced in supportive environments where there are opportunities for growth and meaningful participation and involvement. When people develop and enhance their capacities, they can feel empowered to take action as individuals. This, in turn, can set the stage for people with common interests to take action within communities and the broader system.
Guiding Principles

  • Children First: The health and well-being of the child will be the primary consideration in the planning, development and implementation of CAPC.
  • Strengthening & Supporting Families: Families have the main responsibility for the care and development of their children. All parts of Canadian society share the responsibility for creating supportive environments for children and their families.
  • Equity and Accessibility: All children are entitled to equal rights and opportunities to develop to their full potential regardless of their culture, language and socio-economic status. As such, programming will be rights-based and sensitive to the social, cultural and linguistic diversity of the children and families they are designed to serve.
  • Community-Based: The community plays a key role in the design and delivery of health promotion programs for children and their families facing conditions of risk. Promising practices will be innovated and adapted at the community level to address persistent and emerging public health issues.
  • Partnerships: Partnerships and collaborative activities at the community level are essential to the development of an effective and coordinated range of health promotion programs for children and their families facing conditions of risk. CAPC will work in partnership with other services in the community.
  • Complementarity: The funding will be directed towards increasing access to and addressing gaps in the network of services and supports targeting children and their families living in conditions of risk, and would build on existing structures and processes.
  • Flexibility: Programming will be flexible in recognizing the differences in communities and the changing needs and circumstances of children and families in those communities.
  • Evaluation: CAPC will include a strong evaluation component to provide for the development of knowledge and expertise in community-based promotion, prevention and intervention programs for children and their families facing conditions of risk.

In February 1995, SSFRA was incorporated to assume management of the federal CAP-C (Community Action Program for Children) Project. The association has grown, partnerships with additional funders delivers more services and opportunities.

The board includes representatives from each county and meets on a regular basis to develop policy and consider issues of funding and staff support.

Until recently, each county operated somewhat independently. The Executive Director is now responsible for the association's overall operation. Each County's Site Coordinator is responsible for the centres' day-to-day operations.

The Association believes in a participant-driven model of program delivery, strong community and intersectorial collaborations. Parents often become leaders, and eventually train others, to carry out the work.

The Association is supported by a strong and dedicated group of staff and volunteers. Most are participants who value, feel a sense of ownership of, and want to give back to the SSFRA.

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