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We have researched the answers to many of the common questions asked by Dads. The result is one or more links to a credible site/s where you will find the answer/s.

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Are other Dads worried about becoming a new dad and taking care of a family?

What can I do to help during and after pregnancy?
Being a dad begins even before your baby is born. The things you do to keep you and your partner healthy during pregnancy can help your baby be born healthy and strong.

What should I know about my newborn baby? It Doesn't Seem Like It, But Babies Grow Fast

You care for them one day at a time and each day can seem like an eternity. Then you compare a picture of your 3-month-old with one from when they first came home, and its "Wow!"
Dad's Adventure (video)

Caring for Baby

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How do we make our home safe?

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